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Leitz 74741000 iLAM Touch A3 Laminator

Leitz 74741000 iLAM Touch A3 Laminator

Key Features

  • A3 professional laminator
  • automatic temperature setting
  • laminates up to 250 micron
  • auto-reverse
  • intelligent sensor technology
  • low energy consumption

    A new generation iLAM laminator. Leitz has developed the technology needed to create perfect results every time. With the iLAM laminators, no settings are needed. They have unique sensors built in that recognise the strength of the pouch and optimise the speed for perfect lamination. No more studying of the instructions: all you need to know is on and off!

    Features include a 1 minute pre-heating time, a max laminating thickness of 1mm and width of 320mm, an approx lamination time of 26 seconds (using A4 80 mic pouches) and can laminate up to A3.

  • 1 - 3 years warranty depending on model. (please check on for more information) For Warranty repairs of all types of Kensington Products, please contact Leitz CRC - 01483 776060